CEO's letter

It has being a fascinating year of 2014. The prosperity of IOT and mobile internet has fueled a global wide coalition of development among multinational organizations. For the past fifteen years, we have been striving to perfect our technologies and to serve thousands of existing, yet continuously growing client bases. For such a proven success, please allow me, on behalf of all the members in Fibocom, to extend my gratitude towards each and every Fibocom¡¯s global client, supplier, and partner, with whose joint efforts, Fibocom will continue to improve and to deliver a perfect wireless connection beyond expectations.


3G communication technology has reached its prime while 4G is uprising. Within two to three years, the evolving global communication technology, such as Cloud-Computing, Cloud-Storage and Big-Data application, will shift and reshape our society down to every aspect and in a revolutionary way. One can only imagine: the Internet of Automobiles is capable of capturing tangible needs of a driver and offer its related services spontaneously; the Smart Payment System with human face recognition technology will be integrated with business both online and offline to guaranty a safer and more convenient transaction; people can remotely control their home appliances and devices right through a Home Automation application on a cell phone or a pad; nevertheless, the Internet Wearable and the high-def surveillance system will guaranty a peaceful and healthier life in anywhere at any time. All these fascinating intelligent devices and services can only coexist with an ultra high speed and stable wireless network. To perfect such a wireless communication technology is an unstoppable motive for us continuously to invest, to pursue and to progress. From 2G, 3G, till 4G, and from WIFI to Bluetooth, Fibocom has come a long way and will definitely be aside with you for the future to come.


4G, as LTE system progresses to perfect, is gradually becoming the mainstream of wireless communication. In Q4 of 2014, Fibocom will proudly unveil the world¡¯s first five-mode (TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/GSM) communication module with eleven frequencies all in an amazingly one small pack. It is well designed to withstand the toughest industrial requirements, yet to be flexible enough to adapt worldwide networks and versatile enough to be implemented in wide ranges of consumer electronics.


To shorten a product¡¯s time to market, Fibocom¡¯s Industrial Solution Department is dedicated providing various industrial solutions in flexible business models, to ensure the maximal interests of clients. For instance, OBD, an automotive ecosystem solution, has gained absolutely positive market recognition as well as significant market share within an amazingly short eight-month time after its release. As we speak, series of industrial solutions and applications are about to introduced to help clients infiltrate designated market effortlessly.


Clients¡¯ recognitions remain the first priority of Fibocom, which has been striving to offer its clients with quality and prompt services. In 2014, a complete antenna design solution was added into Fibocom¡¯s solution portfolio, to enhance a superb wireless performance. By providing a complete solution, it is Fibocom¡¯s endeavor to provide its customer an ultimate wireless experience in each and every day and in the future to come.