FIBOCOM modules are succesfully applied in the PAX mobile payment terminal

About PAX Technology

PAX Technology Limited (PAX) is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAX Global Technology Ltd., which listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2010 under stock code HKEx 00327.

Founded in 2001, PAX is an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions offering world-class, cost effective and superior quality payment solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of PCI and EMV compliant electronic fund transfer point-of-sale (EFT-POS) terminals include various models within each of the key segments of Countertop, Mobile and Wireless, Multilane Retail and Contactless / NFC.

PAX has consistently been the top ranking supplier of POS terminal solutions to acquiring banks in China, while evolving in the last couple of years into a major global player, winning substantial market share in international markets with innovative products that are fully compliant with international standards.

Features of FIBOCOM Modules

FIBOCOM G610 modules are designed based on the application traits of portable products. They have low power consumption, are small in size, and they adopt LCC package. FIBOCOM GPRS module has provided superior functions for these devices and we have passed the strictest online tests in the financial payment industry: in the process of the seven-day test, the online rate reached 99.9%, providing quickly connected, safe, and reliable transmission channels for wireless handheld devices.

PAX product


PAXs S90 mobile POS terminal with embedded FIBOCOM G610/G620  has been designed to offer superior wireless performance, embedded in a ruggedized yet stylish form factor. With options for single SIM or dual SIM functionality, and with a large memory and a high capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery, the S90 is one of the most popular mobile terminals with merchants today.

The S90 comes with inbuilt contactless, PCI PTS 3.x certification and delivers secure transactions using an ARM11 processor to support DUKPT, Master/Session, DES and 3DES.

The ARM11 microprocessor assures faster, reliable transactions anywhere and every time. It offers an unparalleled array of wireless connectivity configurations GPRS / 3G (WCDMA).