FIBOCOM G620/H330 both passed SRRC sucessfully

All products capable of transmitting radio signals require compulsory radio type approval before being sold or imported into China. Commonly referred to as SRRC approval, the type approval applies to all radio transmission equipment, including radio communication equipment, RFID devices, navigation equipment, radars, remote controls, remote measurement equipment, broadcasting equipment, etc.

The type approval includes mandatory testing at the Chinese State Radio Monitoring and Test Centre.

The FIBOCOM G620 is specially designed for the demands of pure data applications. It adopts LCC package and has only a few pins, providing tremendous development and production convenience for the designers and effectively reducing costs at the same time.IBOCOM H330 LGA module adopts one of the most advanced Intel platforms in the industry and supports thecommonfrequencies of global 3G. It provides a rich application interface for customers.Both FIBOCOM G620 and H330 passed the SRRC testing and obtained SRRC certificate successfully proves that our modules can Protect the radio business running as normal,meanwhile,reduce and avoid the interference of radio spectrum.

About Fibocom: Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a Chinese leading Machine-to-Machine communication and LBS solutions provider. Our company independently designs, develops, manufactures Fibocom wireless modules which enable machines, equipments, vehicles and other assets to securely communicate over wireless network, helping enterprises simplify operations, increase efficiency and establishes new business models. Fibocom Wireless Inc. provides global sales, logistics, manufacturing and support to customers worldwide.