Revolution and development to win the future
January 11, 2014, themed as ”°Revolution and Development to win the future”±, Fibocom held the 2013 Summary Commendation Congress and 2014 Spring Festival Party in Shenzhen Dayhello Hotel. All Fibocom staff and invited guests appeared in this grand gathering.

In the relaxed happy atmosphere, the summary commendation congress started in 13:00. First, Tiger Ying, the CEO of Fibocom, deeply analyzed the overall business condition in the past year and made a self-reflection of existed problems, and then had improved procedures for 2014 to well-prepare for the opportunities and challenges. Second, the Vice President Shinning Xu and Fibocom Chairman Peter Zhang respectively made the speech to propose the importance of Revolution and Development.2014 is the key year for Fibocom. All Fibocom staff must make all efforts to make the qualitative leaps.

After the congress, the Spring Festival Party started. Fibocom staff prepared brilliant programs to show their style, interactive games and cash lottery pushed the party into a new high.

 A road of a thousand miles begins with one step, in 2014, all Fibocom staff are together to make all efforts to set sail in the new journey.


About Fibocom: Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a Chinese leading Machine-to-Machine communication and LBS solutions provider. Our company independently designs, develops, manufactures Fibocom wireless modules which enable machines, equipments, vehicles and other assets to securely communicate over wireless network, helping enterprises simplify operations, increase efficiency and establishes new business models. Fibocom Wireless Inc. provides global sales, logistics, manufacturing and support to customers worldwide.