Fibocom successfully held the Technical Workshop in South Africa

"This is the best technical training I have participated during the past 15 years, Fibocom did an excellent Job." One of the Electrocomp Engineer Said.


Electrocomp, a subsidary company of Electrocomp Holding and partner of Fibocom Wireless Inc. in South Africa hosted a M2M technical workshop in Johannesburg,Pretoria,Durban and Cape Town in September,2014. Over 300 customers visited the electrocomp workshop, among them, 228 engineers from 148 companies participated Fibocom Technical Presentation,300 sets of Fibocom G510 modules were sent to customer to test. Over 60 companies begin to test Fibocom modules after the workshop.


The workshop is prepared for software engineers, hardware engineers, system engineers and project managers. Fibocom focused on the introduction of application feature of G510 and its related solution. Fibocom Field engineer, Mr.Jason Fan introduced all the detailed operation of Fibocom module, including the combined solution of G510 and GTS-4E-60.To attach much importance of South African market, Fibocom CTO Mr.Shining Xu was presented on site to answer all the detailed questions from customers. 

"Leveraging on our high penetration in South Africa's m2m market,we are now working with Fibocom to explore the high potential for growth."Said Gerrie Van Veerden, the Wireless Product Manager of Electrocomp."The workshop provided information on Fibocom's product planning in future and demostrated how customer can use Fibocom wireless modules in their application." 

"South Africa as one of the BRICS country, it is very important to us. We are now very honored to have such experienced M2M partner Electrocomp to help us in local market. The workshop is very successful. In the workshop, We showed more technical demostration to the customer instead of talking about business and company itself,which would be more interesting to the coming guests.The customer's technical satisfication always comes first. We believe we will have a fruitful achievement very soon in South Africa. " Said Felix Xiao, the Vice President of Fibocom Oversea Dept." 

In the end of the workshop,Fibocom showed their new product G535 which is combined 2G and WIFI, it would be launched in the end of this year.Many customers are very interested in the new product that make their application become more smart and easy. 

About Electrocomp:

Electrocomp was founded by John Farrell in 1980 The company started out as Phillips and Siemens distributors and today represent more than 40 quality brands The company predominantly focused its demand creation and sales efforts on tier 2 and 3 OEMs which is still its success today In 2003 the company changed its strategy to include a demand creation engineering department The company has evolved into one of South Africa's leading distributors and today has a customer base of 1500+ countrywide Electrocomp boasts a staff compliment of more than 100 members and is strongly biased towards demand creation, sales and service. They are capable to supply customer with 90%+ of his BOM, and also offer end-to-end solutions.