Fibocom LTE Modules L830-GL succesfully acquired CE certification

L830-GL has passed CE Safety Test, EMC Test and Radiation Emission Test .,etc and acquired CE Certification, which provides strong guarantee for the expansion of global market, especially for EU market.

CE Mark or CE Marking as the chart is a special product mark and safety mark of the European Union (EU). The certification allows the product to be sold in the European Economic Area, confirming that the product satisfies all the EU regulatory and conformity assessment procedures covering the design, manufacture, and testing of the system.

The products involving in the New Approach Directives or any prescription shall stick CE Mark before being put in the European Union market; and whether the products from countries outside European Union or the member countries of European Union shall stick CE Mark for free movement in the European Union market.  It is a compulsory requirement of European Union law for the relevant products; therefore the CE Mark is also called the "passport "for the products entering European market.


L830-GL module is a M.2-packed LTE wireless communication module which supports 11 frequencies from TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/ WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/GSM. The module supports the LTE network based on the FDD/TDD and the 3G fallback.

The network connection speed of L830-GL module can reach 150Mbps in the downloading speed and the 50Mbps in the uploading speed, which makes it suitable for the mobile network provided by the mainstream service provider.

L830-GL can be widely used in consumer electronics.


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