Hyundai Event 2015 April 7th C Hyderabad India.

The technical event conducted in Hyundai motors Hyderabad with the leading suppliers was able to make strong base for Fibocom in to the OEM telematics in Indian car Manufacture industry. More than 50 design engineers from Hyundai RD have participated in this tech event conducted by our Indian distributor.


Telematics diligence is one of the highest emerging sectors in the India and progresses in mobile communication industry have made it possible to detect and determine any variable in real-time. The industry has undergone a paradigm shift especially when we see the rising number of accidents and thefts in automobile segment. Indian telematics market is gaining momentum and proposes elevated expansion opportunities to the merchants and market vendor.


Since Hyundai RD centre Hyderabad contributes a major innovative ideas to Indian roads with their cars , we consider this event will give more opportunity to Fibocom to be as a part of Indian Telematics industry.