The Delegation of Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie (IHEST) Visited FIBOCOM

On the afternoon of April 17, an IHEST (Higher Education Institute of Science and Technology, France) delegation, led by Ms. Marie-Françoise CHEVALLIER-LE GUYADER, president of IHEST, and consisting of 50-plus experts, scholars, and officials of France embassy in China, visited Fibocom and had an academic exchange with us on application market of Internet of things (IOT) & mobile Internet (MI) and on communication technologies.

The primary purpose of this exchange delegation was to understand objectively and concretely the status enjoyed by science & technology in China development strategy and to learn the domestic and international influence of China science & technology policy. Fibocom was awarded "China National Hi-Tech Enterprise" title as early as 2009 and has registered and patented a multitude of technologies in China. Fibocom communication module and industry solution have served more than 1,000 IOT and MI clients worldwide and this attracted special interest of this delegation. The visiting and the host parties had thorough and explicit exchange on the starting-up, history, evolution, product application, and future development plan of Fibocom. The meeting was animated by frequent interaction and Q&A. Ms. GUYADER expressed their appreciation of this academic exchange at the end.