Fibocom debuted in Italy M2M Forum

Fibocom participated M2M Forum with Italia distributor Celte, taking place in Pero, Milan on April 28-29th, 2015.  M2M Forum is one of the most important exhibitions devoted to the machine-to-machine communication in Europe, with more than 1200 visitors and 70 exhibitors from 20+ countries.

With the participating at M2M Forum, Fibocom exhibited the main products M2M modules (2G, 3G and LTE) which could be widely used at M2M industry. Adapting the chipset of Intel, Fibocom provides high quality products with competitive price and 5 years lifecycle at least. Fibocom would provide you an excellent option on wireless modules and enhance your prefect wireless experience. In the meantime, our distributors are excited to join Fibocom Wireless to further expand their offering and accelerate their growth.