Fibocom Empowers ¡°Intelligent Police Force¡± with its 4G wireless module.

To protect the safety of students, the ¡°Intelligent Police Force¡± system, a 24 hour real time monitoring network, is introduced by implementing Fibocom¡¯s 4G L810 Mini PCIe wireless communication module.



¡°Intelligent Eye¡± is a city wide surveillance network, providing a 24 hour non interruption monitoring. Public Security Bureau in Wuhan has successfully adopted ¡°Intelligent Eye¡± system, which made it possible to centralize command, efficiently dispatch police force and retaliate against crime. A so called ¡°Sweaty Police Force¡± has elevated to a modern ¡°Intelligent Police Force¡±, all thanks to advanced wireless communication technology.



The first implementation of ¡°Intelligent Eye¡± was within campus ground. Scattered surveillance cameras with Fibocom 4G wireless modules---L810 Mini PCIe installed were mounted at every corner in campus. With a stunning uploading speed (network speed up to 50 Mbps), video clips were transferred securely and smoothly.  


Fibocom¡¯s L810 Mini PCIe is a five mode and eleven band LTE wireless communication module, which supports FDD/TDD LTE hybrid network and is 3G-Fallback capable. It unfolds maximum 150Mbps downlink network speed and 50Mbps in uplink, and is compatible with global mainstream cellular operator networks.

Not only in security monitoring, can Fibocom¡¯s L810 Mini PCIe module also be widely used in industrial routers and other commercial fields.

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