Fibocom joined hands with SZU to build ¡°Joint Laboratory of Wireless Communication¡±

On October 19, the opening ceremony of SZU-Fibocom Joint Laboratory of Wireless Communication was held at Shenzhen headquarters of Fibocom. Professor Xu Chen, vice chancellor of SZU, and Mr. Zhang Tianyu, chairman of Fibocom, jointly unveiled the nameplate of the laboratory.

Before the opening ceremony, Chairman Zhang first extended his thanks to SZU¡¯s recognition of Fibocom brand, and also expressed Fibocom¡¯s determination of continuous investment in education. CEO Tiger Ying introduced the situation of industry in which Fibocom stays as well as Fibocom¡¯s main products and R&D strength to the leaders of SZU, hoping to conduct industry-university-research cooperation and constantly improve the capability of the joint laboratory in scientific research and product innovation. Professor Xu Chen, vice chancellor of SZU spoke highly of Fibocom¡¯s 17-year persistence in focusing on R&D and innovation of IoT industry, and the university authorities attached great importance to the industry-university-research cooperation with Fibocom. The two parties have come to an agreement to conduct closer cooperation on the basis of the joint laboratory.

About SZU

Shenzhen University (SZU) was founded as a public university on May 10th,1983 with the accreditation of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and has undergone rapid growth and expansion in the past three decades.

Currently, SZU has about 34,656 fulltime students including 27,383 undergraduates, over 7,000 postgraduates(185 doctoral), plus 865 international students. SZU maintains a high-caliber teaching staff with high qualifications and diverse academic background. The total staff number is 3380 or so, which includes 1,937 teaching staff. Among the teaching staff, 78% percent are professors or associate professors and over 60% are PhD holders.