Bravo! FIBOCOM Module Supports the Worlds First NB-IoT Connected Plant

As one of the top exhibitions in this industry, Mobile World Congress 2017 attracts around 2,600 prestigious enterprises from more than 70 countries and regions. Since the opening of the congress, various heat topics aroused passionate discussions. Even though with the conclusion of the event, public enthusiasm and attention continues for some products displayed at this exhibition.   


Fibocom, together with China Mobile, Intel and Ericsson, successfully presented the NB-IoT Connected Plant at the MWC 2017 through airinterface. Chairman of GSMA, executives from China Mobile and Ericsson and participants of the exhibition all spoke highly of this presentation.


Currently, multiple LPWA experiments are carried out in the plant, such as product line monitoring, storage monitoring, package and materials track and etc. At the exhibition, an IoT high-precision screwdriver equipped with motion sensor and connected with NB-IoT module has been presented. Data of the screwdriver will be collected and transmitted to the NB-IoT so as to help the plant to track the tool with such an automatic solution. In this way, automation of screwdriver tracking can be realized.




The presented IoT screwdriver is an end-to-end solution which covers multiple processes such as the terminal end, network, platform and data analysis. Supported by Intel technology, Fibocom module is an important part of the research on NB-IoT XMM 7115 modem solution, which contributes to the success of the solution together with Ericssons multimode base station which supports NB-IoT technology and China Mobiles OneNetIoT platform and its SDK (Software Development Kit).  



We believe NB-IoT has a promising future. As the first enterprise working with Intel and being authorized to launch the NB-IoT module N510 based on XMM7115 platform, Fibocom will strengthen the product development and business innovation capacity in the future, so as to apply our core sci-tech findings to the development of IoT industry.Fibocom Deputy General Manager Brian Qi said to clients.


With a continuously booming IoT market, the exploration to IoT industry relies on technology innovation, business model transformation and cross-industry cooperation. Fibocom will join hands with China Mobile, Intel and more partners to speed up technology innovation and marketization, and seize the new business opportunity of IoT development on basis of deep NB-IoT integration.