M2M products of Fibocom perfectly appeared at Auto Electronics Show

Jointly organized by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and HC Network, "Shenzhen International Automobile Electronics Fair 2012" ("Automotive Electronics Show" for short) was held in Shenzhen Exhibition center, and lasted from 19th July to 21th July. Nearly 300 well-known enterprises had been attracted to participate in exhibition.  What the exhibitors showed were not only their products, but R&D and innovation capabilities of enterprises, as well as the achievements of Chinese automobile market for automotive intelligent development applications. 
       Fibocom took this opportunity to show users all GSM, GPS, and HSPA+ series of products, combined with the development of Telematics --" Cloud Navigating" application, and showed strong speed rate support of the HSPA+ module application scenarios, which attracted our customers¡¯ eyes, and we shared and exchanged information and views of the development of Telematics, it brought great opportunities for the future cooperation.

During the meeting, General Manager Liu Zi of HC Automotive Electronics Network, Senior Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Wang Ning of China Electronic Chamber, Secretary-General Wang Dawei of Compass Union, President Hong Yang and Secretary-General Qiu Qingfang of Automotive Electronic Association visited our booth. They highly praised the excellent achievements of Fibocom products, and pointed out that as one of the national high-tech enterprise members; the government will attach great importance and provide strong support to Fibocom. Fibocom should be more active and make efforts to research and develop new products, new technologies, and make greater contribution to the Automotive Electronics Industry.

About Fibocom: Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a Chinese leading Machine-to-Machine communication and LBS solutions provider. Our company independently designs, develops, manufactures Fibocom wireless modules which enable machines, equipments, vehicles and other assets to securely communicate over wireless network, helping enterprises simplify operations, increase efficiency and establishes new business models. Fibocom Wireless Inc. provides global sales, logistics, manufacturing and support to customers worldwide.   ¡£