Fibocom Wireless appeared in the 28th China Industry Forum & Exhibition on Electrical Instrumentation

The 28th China Industry Forum & Exhibition on Electrical instrumentation & The 4th Session of the 5th Enlarged Committee Meeting on EIMA had been held on 21-22 April, 2014 in Jiangyin by Electrical Instruments Branch of China Instruments Manufactures Association (EIMA) and China Productivity Promotion Center for Electrical Measuring Instruments (PPCEM).Fibocom Wireless Inc. participated in the exhibition with high performance product SG5600SG5700G510G610G620 and H330 debuted at hall 71.


This Congress not only analyzed the status of 2013 domestic electrical instrumentation industry, but also discussed the transformation of rural grid in 2014, electric energy meter bidding plan, intelligent electric energy meter and the problems appeared in the test of electric information acquisition system.


Among the products in this exhibition, SG5600 is the wireless communication board for state grid II type concentrator, while the SG5700 is for state grid I type concentrator, and both of the all are based on Fibocom wireless communication module. No matter SG5600 or SG5700, they are possessed with high integrationstrong adaptability and supported GSM900/DCS1800GPRSClass10SIM card with low heat.




About Fibocom: Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a Chinese leading Machine-to-Machine communication and LBS solutions provider. Our company independently designs, develops, manufactures Fibocom wireless modules which enable machines, equipments, vehicles and other assets to securely communicate over wireless network, helping enterprises simplify operations, increase efficiency and establish new business models. Fibocom Wireless Inc. provides global sales, logistics, manufacturing and support to customers worldwide.