4G Era! Fibocom Showcases LTE Module at The 31st International Seminar & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standard and Product 2015

The 31st International Seminar and Exhibition of Technologies, Standards and Products for Electromagnetic Measurement in 2015 ended on October 16, in Wuhan. During the three-day exhibition, Fibocom, the mainstream supplier of power sector, showcased LTE series L810 module applicable to power sector as well as 4G system collector SG8600 (Model II) and SG8700(Model I) compliant with state grid standard.



As the operators are switching network from 2G to 4G, Fibocom, during the exhibition, fully demonstrated application characteristics and platform performance mainly specific to 4G products, and focused on introducing success cases of benchmarking customers in the industry and the drive test of Fibocom 4G products in key application areas, etc., all of which attracted high attention and received affirmation of the guests attending the exhibition.



FIBOCOM L810 series module, which passes the state grid test standard and supports LTE network with hybrid FDD/TDD, delivers rapid and stable data connection and faster communication transmission, and will achieve geometrical increase in data collected and transmitted. It is generally applicable to the entire process of smart grid management including power generation, power transmission, power transformation, power utilization and power dispatching and can provide reliable products and solutions for construction of state smart grid, ushering in a new 4G era with customers of smart grid.



About Fibocom

Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a global leading M2M and CE telecommunication provider dedicated to design and manufacture wireless module and provide IoT solutions, which enable secure communications among machines, equipment, vehicles and assets over wireless networks. Our product covers GSM/GPRS modules, HSPA+ modules, LTE modules and GNSS modules. Fibocom is well known for providing TCU°ĘSmart POS°ĘSmart Device which are based on Intel X86 platform. As an Intel invested company, Fibocom boasts a comprehensive innovation driven portfolio in IoT industry.


For more information about LTE module, please click:http://www.fibocom.com/product/2-1-5.html