Fibocom attended the China Retail Trade Fair

Fibocom attended the China Retail Trade Fair

On November 5-7, the 17th China Retail Trade Fair, the Asia¡¯s largest and industry¡¯s most authoritative trade show, was inaugurated. Fibocom, together with Intel and several ecosystem partners, presented a series of brilliant O2O innovative solutions, from intelligent POS machine and intelligent cash register to multi-screen interaction system, covering multiple formats such as retail, catering and finance.

Zhu Tao, Leader of the Solution Department, Fibocom, introduced the development history of the POS industry, from the traditional POS machine which can only serve as the payment channel to the current intelligent POS machine which can provide more value-added services by collecting and analyzing data and improve the closed loop for the whole O2O consumption, bringing new consuming experience. Zhu believed that the China¡¯s intelligent POS machine market is rapidly growing while the O2O market is booming. According to the relevant statistical report, there were about 32 million payment terminals sold worldwide in 2014, and quite a number of which will become the intelligent POS machines in the next few years, and China¡¯s POS manufacturers will take the leading role in the globe.


                               Zhu Tao, Leader of the Solution Department, Fibocom


Introduction to Fibocom smart solution SC600

Fibocom smart solution SC600 is an Android OS based smart wireless core module. It adopts Intel Atom X3-family processor chip and highly integrates the wireless communication functions such as WCDMA modem, WIFI, Bluetooth and GNSS. With the built-in GPU, it supports high-resolution screen and camera, and integrates the bottom drivers for numerous peripherals. SC600 which can shorten the customer¡¯s development cycle and reduce the development difficulty can be extensively applied in the intelligent hardware products in IoT fields such as mobile payment, in-vehicle navigation and handheld terminals.



Fibocom Smart Solution SC600

Innovative intelligent product developed by Fibocom and its partners was launched

The innovative intelligent POS products developed by Fibocom and its partners made its debut, covering various formats such as handheld and PC-like products. Through Fibocom smart solution these products can help the customers achieve intelligent payment mode as well as the close online-offline connection while enabling a variety of payment, thus further inspiring more innovative business models and applications. 

Phablet Intelligent POS based on Fibocom Smart Solution SC600

This exhibition included the Phablet intelligent POS machine developed by Fibocom and EP Intelligent and PC-like intelligent cash register developed by E-jeton based on Fibocom smart solution, both of which feature compact size and powerful functions. They not only integrate various payment methods, but can serve as the O2O entrance to complete the ordering of virtual products. 

Dual Touch Screen Integrated Cash Register Based on Fibocom Smart Solution SC600

For example, the intelligent cash register developed by Fibocom and E-jeton has two screens which can be operated separately, with one for collecting money and the other for advertising; and all the technologies such as touch-based operation, QR scanning and fingerprint-based payment improve the users¡¯ shopping experience.

OMDS standard modular design accelerated the implementation of O2O applications

The intelligent payment ecosystem is developing and strengthening, followed by fragmentation issues. In order to speed up the implementation of scale deployment for intelligent POS solution, Fibocom, together with Intel, is actively promoting the Open Module Design Spec (¡°OMDS¡± for short) specific to the industry. For the industry users, this specification will effectively reduce the device cost in maintenance and R&D, and improve the service efficiency, so as to reduce the total cost of ownership of the retailers. Meanwhile, this OMDS makes it easy to achieve upgrading and updating of products, which is conducive to the development of value-added services.


Fibocom Core Board Based on OMDS Standard Solution

Currently, this OMDS has been applied in the new products of several intelligent POS manufacturers including Ejeton, Hisense, EP Intelligent and Wintec, and Fibocom¡¯s reference design will be officially released around the end of this year.