A Breakthrough of Intelligent Chips CFibocom Unveiled the First NB-IoT Module Fibocom N510 at Mobile World Congress 2017 at Barcelona

NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) is a groundbreaking technology mainly used in small data quantity and low-speed application scenario. As a global leading wireless communication module and solution provider, Fibocom Wireless launched the first NB-IoT module Fibocom N510, a breakthrough of intelligent chip, aiming to drive up new telecommunication growth and solve the problem of intelligentization with this new technology.  


As the most influential conference in mobile and telecommunication industry, Mobile World Congress 2017, hosted by GSM Association concluded successfully at Barcelona in early March. As an important partner of China Mobile, Fibocom unveiled the first NB-IoT module Fibocom N510 at the congress which aroused huge attention.





Fibocom N510 is the first Intel-supported XMM 7115 platform for NB-IoT equipment and application. Packaged with 42-pin LCC, it is small, light, and compatible with Fibocom GPRS module G510 and supports seamless scalability among multiple wireless technologies.



Fibocom N510 is tailor-made for Internet of Things with low speed, extra long standby time and higher security. It has ultra-low power consumption, long batter life, great stability and safety, strong ant jamming capability and can access to numerous links with deep coverage. The Fibocom N510 can be widely used in intelligent buildings, intelligent meter reading, intelligent cars, smart cities and agriculture, asset tracking and management, monitoring, charging pile, sharing-bikes and etc.




As the NB-IoT market keeps expanding, wireless communication technologies are integrated with each other in competition. With the setup of industry standards and emerging of new technologies, Fibocom will keep integrating its advantages of brand appeal, technology and relation chain so as to promote the revolution in this industry, offering more diversified applications for consumers of Internet of Things and creating higher business value in exploring the global market.


About Fibocom Wireless

Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a global leading wireless communication solution provider with a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents. For over 18 years, Fibocom has been dedicated to the development of Internet of Things and consumer electronic segments, and its major shareholders include the worlds largest PC parts and CPU manufacturer, Intel. Fibocom offers wireless communication module and solution that cover LTE, NB-IoT/eMTC, HSPA+, and GSM/GPRS and has won recognition from worldwide consumers for its leading technology and quality service.