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  • The coming boom in smart buildings

    After several years of slower than expected growth, the smart building sector is poised to skyrocket. IDC expects the market to triple to $21.9 billion in just four years.


  • Smart grid advice from SMUD (Home gateways? Really?)

    Don Jacobs works for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), where he leads a Smart Grid Project Management Office responsible for 51 smart grid projects. You learn a lot of lessons running 51 real-world projects. Jacobs shared some of those learnings in a recent webinar, and the folks at EE Times have summarized two of the most important tips in an article.


  • Smart-Grid Sensor Market Steadily Climbing to $39 Billion by 2019

    The market for all types of sensors used in smart grid applications will grow from $26.4 billion this year to $36.5 billion in 2019 and nearly $46.8 billion by 2021, according to a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets.


  • Electric scooter with smartphone connection is launched in Europe by Terra Motors

    Terra Motors Corporation, Japan¡¯s manufacturer of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, starts commercial sale of ¡°A4000i¡± in European countries, the electric scooter with smartphone connection.


  • ¡®We¡¯re 9 meals from anarchy': Take the cybersecurity threat to IoT seriously, says Beecham report

    London, UK. September 10, 2014 ¨C IoT security ¡°must evolve significantly for the long term¡± if we are to avert critical impacts from terrorism and cyber warfare. This demands an in-depth defence plan applying lessons learned from ¡®traditional¡¯ hacking attacks. So says an interim report from Beecham Research, whose authors warned M2M Now that ¡°we¡¯re just 9 meals away from anarchy.¡±


  • Smart connected homes driving IoT

    The Internet of Things is set to create a market worth almost US$9 trillion by 2020. According to some analysts*, a large chunk of this business will be generated by smart connected homes. Antony Savvas reports on business developments in the smart home sector.


  • Scottish Power wires not-so-smart meter while npower provides dumb billing

    If you go away this summer and return to find an unexpectedly large phone or utility bill, spare a thought for Nigel and Linda Brotherton of Roughlee, UK who recently received a bill from their energy supplier, npower, for £500 million (€632 million).


  • Summit Partners and FleetCor Technologies acquire Masternaut

    Boston, Georgia, USA & London, UK, June 4, 2014 (Business Wire) ¨C Growth equity investor Summit Partners have announced a joint venture with FleetCor Technologies, Inc. to acquire Masternaut Group Holdings Limited, Europe¡¯s largest provider of telematics solutions to commercial fleets, from Francisco Partners. Masternaut¡¯s management team, led by its experienced CEO Martin Hiscox, will continue to operate the business and remain shareholders in the company.


  • New tracking option added to Lightfoot fleet fuel saving product

    Ashwoods Lightfoot Ltd has launched a new option to its in-cab driver efficiency product, Lightfoot®. Following feedback from customers, Ashwoods is now offering Lightfoot® with the option of a new tracking facility. The additional option means that fleet managers will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Lightfoot¡¯s unique time, cost, fuel, accident and CO2 saving functionality with the added benefit of being able to conduct real-time tracking of fleet vehicles.


  • Installed base of fleet management systems to reach 5.9 million in Russia/CIS and Eastern Europe by 2018

    Gothenburg, Sweden, July 4, 2014 ¨C According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the number of active fleet management systems deployed in commercial vehicle fleets in Russia/CIS and Eastern Europe was 2.9 million in Q4-2013


  • Hino Trucks partners with Telogis to provide next-generation telematics intelligence

    Novi, Michigan, USA ¨C Hino Trucks has partnered with Telogis to release its next-generation platform for Hino Insight, the company¡¯s comprehensive, web-basedlocation and telematics solution tailored specifically for the medium-duty commercial truck market.


  • GSGF says progress in electric vehicle usage mostly depends on charging station roll-outs

    In a new report on electric vehicle developments the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) highlights new business opportunities, key trends and policy initiatives, as well as providing a global view of the large-scale roll-out of electric vehicles. The report also gives recommendations on how to accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles.


  • Connected car service providers to reap US$17 billion in 2018 as GM, BMW and Tesla ramp up smart apps

    Campbell, California, USA ¨C Market research firm Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its new Connected Car M2M Connections and Services Market Size and Forecasts Report, which focuses on the telecom-related services available for automotive applications, fleet management, and telematics, as well as the business models and trends that are driving the connected car M2M market.


  • Turkcell announces its connected car platform for more access to information and fun on the go

    Istanbul, Turkey, (Business Wire) ¨C Turkish telecommunications and technology company, Turkcell, has announced Turkey¡¯s firstconnected car platform. The platform connects the car and its driver to mobile internet and essential location-based services, enriching the driving experience.


  • Orange and TAPcheck® join forces to develop connected objects in the healthcare sector

    TAPcheck® specialises in the production and distribution of healthcare and wellness products. Due to the integration and hosting of its healthcare and wellness applications on the Orange Business Services Flexible Computing platform, TAPcheck® is now in a position to make its health products connected.


  • Will Germany set the smart home standard?

    In the UK, smart homes are mainly the preserve of the wealthy. InGermanyhowever, the standards-based solution QIVICON has brought smart homes within reach of the wider public, and the company is now looking further afield. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication continues to grow and reach new markets. Globally there were, according to Machina Research, three billion M2M connections in 2013; by 2022 this number is set to increase six-fold. M2M has already made its mark in industry, but now M2M is extending its reach beyond the factory floor. Increasingly M2M is making headway in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens of ordinary consumers. Private individuals are controlling their lighting and heating or protecting their homes from break-ins by smartphone. InEuropealone, according to Berg Insight, about 1.5 million smart home systems of this kind were in use in 2013.


  • Landis+Gyr wins smart meter contract in Poland with RWE

    Zug, Switzerland, July 22, 2014 ¨C Swiss smart grid company Landis+Gyr has won a contract to provide smart meters in Poland for energy utility RWE for use inside residential buildings in the capital city of Warsaw. RWE, based in Essen, Germany, is working to meet regulatory targets for smart meter installation and says the Landis+Gyr system will lead to benefits for customers and efficiency gains for its business.


  • Continua expands presence in China and is joined by new Associate Director, Hector Lui

    Portland, Oregon, July 8, 2014 ¨C Continua has announced that it is expanding its presence in China, to enhance business development opportunities for its members and promote personal connected health devices and solutions in this important market. Continua also announced that Hector Lui, President, Medipromos, has been named Associate Director, Continua China.


  • Mobile network congestion could see IoT failures hit 30% says ISV. Not yet if ever, analyst and CSPs reply

    Mobile operators could face a 30% failure rate for M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) sessions. So says one provider of self-organising networks (SON) solutions for wireless operators, Cellwize. Amid forecasts of up to 26 billion IoT devices by 20201, the solution vendor believes it has identified the potential pitfalls and the opportunities for mobile network operators. But when and why is this going to be an issue? Jeremy Cowan investigates.


  • Home audio meets next generation home automation

    Audio Lounge have partnered with Nebula Nine, an audio-visual system installation company to deliver a wide ranging portfolio from bespoke apps to control home lighting and entertainment systems to smartphone control of audio systems via fingerprint recognition.


  • Volvo adds Android Auto™ to its next generation cars

    Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) has joined the Open Automotive Alliance to make the Android smartphone platform available to drivers through its new user interface.


  • Servitisation heralds greater importance for M2M and a more fraught decision-making process

    Today, Vodafone publishes its annual M2M Barometer, supported by Circle Research, which undertook the surveying, and Machina Research, which provided market insight on the results. The overall thread of the findings was very positive: adoption is growing and barriers are being overcome. One specific set of findings really jumped out at me, and which I think have interesting implications for the development of the market, related to motivations.


  • Cars and Clouds ¨C the rise of the smartphone on wheels?

    Connected Cars and the LTE World Summit, Amsterdam ¨C Sharing increasingly common ground, the two worlds of LTE and the Connected Car also met at a conference and exhibition venue last week in Amsterdam under the broad and inclusive banner of the LTE World Summit. The internal combustion engine has been one of the defining transformative technologies of the last century ¨C and mobile communications and apps have already dramatically changed the lives of the six billion or so humans currently connected on our planet¡¯s surface. The merging of these two worlds looks set to drive yet another wave of unpredictable innovation.


  • Continua expands presence in China and is joined by new Associate Director, Hector Lui

    Portland, Oregon, July 8, 2014 ¨C Continua has announced that it is expanding its presence in China, to enhance business development opportunities for its members and promotepersonal connected health devices and solutions in this important market. Continua also announced that Hector Lui, President, Medipromos, has been named Associate Director, Continua China.


  • Smart street lighting reveals a path to new IoT applications in hard-to-reach places

    In Silver Spring Networks¡¯ view it¡¯s time to bust some myths on smart cities. Here, Anil Gadre, EVP and chief marketing officer, tells Jeremy Cowan about the company¡¯s recent work in Copenhagen, Denmark and Glasgow, UK where there¡¯s no utility involved and yet LED street lighting is opening the door to new smart city applications.


  • Deutsche Telekom and Kiunsys install smart parking project in Pisa

    Pisa, Italy and Bonn, Germany, June 24, 2014 ¨CThe lengthy search for a free parking spot could be a thing of the past in the Italian city of Pisa, following the launch of a smart city pilot project to test an intelligent parking system and analyse historical traffic data via a big data service. The system should help motorists in Pisa to find a free parking space more easily than before, as well as pay for it via their smart phone.


  • First smart city software platform developed by a municipality uses Libelium¡¯s wireless sensors in Barcelona

    San Mateo and Chicago, USA & Barcelona and Zaragoza, Spain (Business Wire), June 23, 2014 ¨C Libelium has included the Sentilo open source software platform in its core product line for smart cities deployments, to link with Libelium¡¯s Waspmote sensor network device and the Meshlium Internet gateway.


  • Security features based on existing specifications can enhance IoT security and privacy, says GlobalPlatform

    June 30, 2014 ¨C GlobalPlatform, the organisation that standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology, has published a white paper examining how GlobalPlatform Specifications can address the key privacy and security concerns for the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) or machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.


  • Medical device vendors make moves as mHealth market heats up

    In June 2014, M2M research firm Berg Insight will publish its latest market research report on mHealth and home monitoring, which provides a global view on the use of connected medical devices in the delivery of professional healthcare services.


  • Beating the barriers to mass M2M adoption

    M2M technology has the potential to completely change the way we live and work. Take healthcare technology communicating information to remote medical professionals for instance, what sounds like science fiction, is actually becoming reality.


  • The Connected Car: How market research must flex to meet millennial demands

    I started a career as a tech writer 15 years ago, writes Paul Hartley, which included predicting how the new era of ubiquitous, always-on connectivity would ultimately change our business and personal lives. As the tech bubble rose, we all predicted ever more incredible things and many were nothing more than hype. My favourite is the Internet Refrigerator, possibly the most oft-quoted example of an always-on digital life.


  • Beer tank equipped with M2M technology from Swisscom takes care of refill orders itself

    The Feldschlösschen Beverages Group recently introduced an end-to-end M2M solution from the Swisscom M2M Centre of Competence that enables its Swiss customers to maintain their beer tanks more efficiently and to submit exact and timely orders for new deliveries. The tanks themselves instantly trigger new orders when levels get low.


  • Advanced M2M Module Allows for Secure mHealth

    Today, there are digital health programs delivered through mobile devices and facilities using Point of Care to Improve Healthcare Delivery, mentioned Intel Corporation in the Health IT Solution Brief. Healthcare organizations that provide health services through mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) ought to take security seriously, explained Intel, in order to protect individuals¡¯ electronic protected health information (e-PHI) flowing over wireless networks. It is vital to protect and secure the health information that patients entrust to health providers, when using mobile devices, notes HealthIT.gov.


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