Security features based on existing specifications can enhance IoT security and privacy, says GlobalPlatform

June 30, 2014 ¨C GlobalPlatform, the organisation that standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology, has published a white paper examining how GlobalPlatform Specifications can address the key privacy and security concerns for the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) or machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.


The white paper, entitled ¡®Leveraging GlobalPlatform to Improve Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things¡¯ , is said to be of particular value to professionals in industries such as healthcare, automotive, wearable devices and energy, that are interested in the use of embedded technologies for new forms of secure communication and data transmission.


The document offers use cases for these markets, introducing the function of IoT devices and explains how vulnerabilities in security and privacy can be resolved.


The paper introduces GlobalPlatform¡¯s prospective role in the IoT standardisation landscape as a provider of open standard technical specifications that improve the interoperability and security of these connected devices. This begins with the secure element or trusted execution environment and extends to include the trusted service manager, controlling authority and other roles of a multi-stakeholder ecosystem.


Sebastian Hans, chair of GlobalPlatform¡¯s Internet of Things Task Force and senior standardisation manager at Oracle, comments: ¡°As the IoT is still in its relative infancy, the existing proprietary solutions are sufficient for today¡¯s environment. As the number of devices grows however, so does the number of security and privacy concerns, which could present a real danger to the general public and critical infrastructures.¡±


¡°Open standards are necessary to ensure interoperability between the connected devices as the IoT develops and as a means of ensuring that these devices are as secure as possible,¡± continues Gil Bernabeu, technical director of GlobalPlatform. ¡°We will continue to evaluate our existing specifications and collaborate with industry participants to ensure that the needs of the IoT market are met.¡±


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