First smart city software platform developed by a municipality uses Libelium¡¯s wireless sensors in Barcelona

 San Mateo and Chicago, USA  & Barcelona and Zaragoza, Spain (Business Wire), June 23, 2014 ¨C Libelium has included the Sentilo open source software platform in its core product line for smart cities deployments, to link with Libelium¡¯s Waspmote sensor network device and the Meshlium Internet gateway.


Sentilo is the first smart cities software platform developed by a municipality, based on experience and knowledge of the requirements of a large city such as Barcelona.

The Barcelona City Council is running a smart cities project to monitor noise and air pollution throughout public works in a large public square in Barcelona, deploying Libelium¡¯s wireless sensor devices and Sentilo¡¯s software platform.

Waspmote sensor devices transmit data to the Sentilo Cloud platform via ZigBee, Wi-Fi or 3G/GPRS through Meshlium. Libelium¡¯s existing customers can benefit from this new functionality with a free upgrade of their Meshlium software.

¡°Our cooperation began months ago when Libelium was selected as one of the vendors for a smart cities project in Barcelona to control the environmental impact on a public construction project,¡± said Alicia Asin, Libelium CEO. ¡°Thanks to our successful integration and the interest received from other cities for the solution, we have decided to include a Sentilo connection in the Meshlium gateway core to allow other customers to benefit.¡± 

¡°The main goal of the Sentilo platform is to make it easy for cities to integrate data from different sensors and facilitate smart cities deployments,¡± said Jordi Cirera, Sentilo project manager, Barcelona City Council. ¡°With Sentilo and Libelium¡¯s products working together in an open, inter-operable sensor infrastructure, new opportunities are now available to any city that does not wish to pay the price of closed, proprietary solutions.¡±



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