New tracking option added to Lightfoot fleet fuel saving product

Ashwoods Lightfoot Ltd has launched a new option to its in-cab driver efficiency product, Lightfoot®.

Following feedback from customers, Ashwoods is now offering Lightfoot® with the option of a new tracking facility. The additional option means that fleet managers will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Lightfoot¡¯s unique time, cost, fuel, accident and CO2 saving functionality with the added benefit of being able to conduct real-time tracking of fleet vehicles.

Launched in 2012, Lightfoot® has been developed to meet the needs of busy fleet managers by providing a simple, weekly report containing at-a-glance insights into fleet performance and confirmation of sustained fuel and CO2 savings. It also aims to proactively ¡®fix¡¯ driver behaviour at source by providing real-time visual and audible training,

The new tracking facility, which will give fleet managers the extra option of accessing up-to-the-minute data on vehicle location and movement is due to be launched at Drive It @ Bruntingthorpe, 10-12 July 2014, where interested customers will be able to test drive a vehicle fitted with Lightfoot®.

¡°Feedback from the fleet managers we are already working with have reported significant results with minimal management intervention, and excellent driver buy-in due to the positive and non-invasive way Lightfoot® supports change and provides feedback,¡± said Mark Roberts, Managing Director, Ashwoods Lightfoot Ltd.


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