FIBOCOM 3G Module H380 Helps to Obtain More Accurate Data in the Land Measurement Application

FIBOCOM 3G Module H380 was successfully applied to the integrated UHF RFID rugged panel PCs, helping to get more accurate measurement data in the measurement of state territory and provide convenience to the measurement of the complex topography.



In traditional measurement methods (such as the range finder, total station, etc.), control networks are usually set first, and there is intervisibility between the points. Faced with complex terrain, such selection of the control points will be subject to many limitations and will have low accuracy. If the natural condition is harsh, the measurement will be more difficult and there will be a greater difference in accuracy.



With the rapid development of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS) technology, global positioning system (GPS) technology and the transfusion technology of wireless communication, great changes have taken place in the measurement methods and techniques of land area. Firstly the surveyor measures the coordinate position of the territory by highly accurate GPS positioning system, and it doesní»t require intervisibility between points any more; secondly, the location is transferred immediately through wireless communication and a variety of data modules will be collected; thirdly, when the accurate data reaches the backstage , it can be analyzed and recorded immediately. In this way, no matter ití»s on the mountains or in the canyons, it cannot only achieve precise calculations, but also improve the efficiency of the measurement.


The industrial panel PCs which are equipped with Fibocom 3G Module H380 can provide a secure, stable connection function of mobile communication, assist the end customers to collect a variety of data module through wireless transmission efficiently and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of operations.


M.2 Module of FIBOCOM H380 series, a highly integrated 3G wireless communication M.2 Module, has adopted the industry-leading Intel platform. It supports major global 3G spectrum, GSM / GPRS / EDGE and UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA+.  H380 uses the standard interface of M.2, which is suitable for notebooks, ultrabooks, panel PCs and other consumer electronics and fully meets various usersí» application demand for mobile broadband.


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