Ultra-Stable Performance of Fibocom 3G Module H330S in Commercial Telematics

Fibocom 3G module H330S, widely applied to Commercial Telematics systems, has presented ultra-stable performance in all aspects of information data, thus bringing an excellent driving experience to vehicle drivers.



On the transit bus C BYD conventionally-powered bus or new-energy bus, H330S can well implement position information transmission, image/graphical data transmission, vehicular work monitoring, new-energy-battery monitoring, etc. so that the drivers can get more accurate information about road conditions and bus operation to ensure greater security of passengers.



On the commercial vehicle C BYD urban SUV, H330S can implement all-around intelligent cloud control over the vehicle to provide perfect connections in terms of remote keyless door open/closure, ignition, control of vehicular air-conditioners, networking of multimedia systems, one-touch navigation and voice navigation service, vehicle state monitoring and diagnosis, etc., with wonderful driving experience for the drivers.



Fibocom 3G H330S module offers perfect data connection services for BYD buses and urban SUVs.