The Strong Stability of Information transmission¡ª¡ªFibocom H330S

Located in Northern Eurasia, most territory of Russia belongs to the temperate and frigid zones. Therefore, it¡¯s necessary for industrial equipment to support regular work with outdoor temperature range -20~-40 (Celsius). Industrial router, equipped with wide and open H330S  module, makes the stability of information transmission under low-temperature and hostile environments possible.

Fibocom provides service to the largest industrial router manufacturer in Russia, this customer exclusively provides complete machine equipment for famous security and protection companies and state-owned oil companies, and products must meet strict industry standards. The excellent performance of H330S module and its zero repair ratio has won wide recognition and appreciation by its customer, making it the only supplier in the communication program of customer equipment.



FIBOCOM H330S LGA module adopts one of the most advanced Intel platforms in the industry and supports thecommonfrequencies of global 3G. It provides a rich application interface for customers, including USB2.0, UART, I2C, I2S and SPI. It has a built-in TCP/IP protocol stack and superior flexibility, allowing for easy integration.

The H330S LGA module adopts industrial-grade design. The process of its production and manufacturing completely conforms to the standards of ISO/TS 16949 and it can also adapt to severe working environments with high temperatures, high humidity and electromagnetic interference. Not only can it be applied to industrial fields such as vehicle navigation, security monitoring, wireless POS, and remote medical services, but also can be applied to consumer electronics such as tablet PCs, and e-books, fully satisfying the demand of mobile broadband applications for all kinds of users.

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