Fibocom 3G/4G Module Embraces ˇ°QQ IOTˇ±, Enabling More Perfect Wireless Experience


Fibocom 3G/4G wireless communication module officially accessed to Tencent QQ IOT platform in July 2015. The two parties have carried out extensive cooperation to provide more interexchange to smart devices, achieving various social network scenarios and interaction capabilities between person and device, between different devices and between multiple persons and multiple devices.

As IOT develops, the connections between person and things make the concept of IOT become a trend. While the personalized demand evolves to ˇ°hardware socializingˇ±, i.e. every device has one Tencent number, people begin to pursue the automation and openness of hardware.

In October, 2014, ˇ°QQ IOT Smart Hardware Open Platformˇ± was launched. It provides the core capabilities such as QQ account system, relation chain and QQ message channel to the partners in the fields of wearable devices, smart home, smart vehicle, and traditional hardware, realizing the interconnection, interworking and interaction between users and devices and between different devices, giving full play to millions of Tencent QQ mobile clients and cloud service advantages, and helping traditional industries achieve Internet-enabled business on a larger scale.

Fibocom wireless communication modules H330 and L810 have been embedded into QQ IOT hardware open platform, allowing users to conduct development on the modules with QQ IOT open platform.

Take the home blood pressure monitor with built-in Fibocom module as an example, the blood pressure data can be transmitted to the communication device and synchronously uploaded to QQ cloud server; The two way communication between the user and the device is enabled after the smart device with Fibocom module becomes the ˇ°QQ friendˇ± of the user. Through QQ message channel, the user can make dialogue with the home blood pressure monitor to obtain such information.

After accessing to QQ cloud platform, Fibocom wireless communication module also enables the smart devices to have more content applications and core capabilities, such as, social relation, multi and powerful audio & video capabilities, facial recognition capability, gesture recognition, LBS capability; and to rapidly possess more expansion capabilities.

In the future, Fibocom will work with QQ IOT to drive the transformation of the industry. QQ IOT will also integrate its own advantages in brand, traffic, technical competence and relation chain, together with Fibocom, to create more smart, open and convenient platform for users. 



About Fibocom

Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a global leading M2M and CE telecommunication provider dedicated to design and manufacture wireless module and provide IoT solutions, which enable secure communications among machines, equipment, vehicles and assets over wireless networks. Our product covers GSM/GPRS modules, HSPA+ modules, LTE modules and GNSS modules. Fibocom is well known for providing TCUˇ˘Smart POSˇ˘Smart Device which are based on Intel X86 platform. As an Intel invested company, Fibocom boasts a comprehensive innovation driven portfolio in IoT industry.