Fibocom 4G Module L810-GL Won The First Bidding of State Grid in 2015



Fibocom 4G module L810-GL has been successfully applied to ¡°Type 1 Concentrator¡± ¨C standard device of the State Grid, becoming the first five-mode wireless communication module serving the electric power device of the state. L810-GL has passed rigorous testing standard of the State Grid and supports LTE network with FDD/TDD hybrid networking, and its satisfactory communication performance is recognized by customers.

The terminal devices will be installed by Electricity Power Bureau of Henan in its own administration area, and will automatically collect users¡¯ data of electricity meter and transformer information through the control system in the Bureau, and upload  data to the master station. In such a management mode, the master monitoring station can be set in the home office of Bureau, and only a few watchmen or the online enquiry function is required to implement monitoring for all sites; and the data can be accurately collected and the efficiency will also be significantly improved. As 4G communication network enters commercial application and becomes popular, the development of China¡¯s smart grid also stepped into 4G era. In the first bidding for electric power devices of the State Grid in 2015, there are about 140,000 4G communication devices in total, accounting for 10%; while the devices are expected to reach 320,000 units in total and account for 40% in the second bidding. The demand for upgrade of grid devices is initiated with the switch from 2G to 4G network and will keep growing. The successful application of FIBOCOM L810-GL module takes the first place and sets the standard for the application of 4G module in the industry.


About State Grid

State Grid is a super-large state-owned enterprise in China,  with 200 billion CNY registered capital and 1.87 million employees, State Grid constructs and operates power grids as its core business. State Grid serves 1.1 billion people in 26 provinces of China, covering 88% of the national territory. State Grid also operates overseas assets in the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal and Australia with good performance. As the largest utility entity in the world,  State Grid was ranked 7th on Fortune Global 500 of 2014 by Forbes.


L810-GL module is a LGA-packed LTE wireless communication module which supports 11 frequencies from TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/ WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/GSM. The module supports the LTE network based on the FDD/TDD and the 3G fallback.

The module's network connection speed can reach 150Mbps in the downloading speed and the 50Mbps in the uploading speed, which makes it suitable to the mobile network provided by the mainstream service providers. 

L810-GL can be widely used in consumer electronics, telematics, wireless payment,  security, gateway etc.

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