Fibocom Launched NB-IoT Module N700-CN with Lowest Power Consumption and Smallest Size in the Industry

As a global leading wireless communication module and solution provider, Fibocom Wireless Inc. has officially launched the NB-IoT Module N700-CN on September 26, which has the lowest power consumption and smallest size in the industry, meeting customers' demands of low power, small size, customization and high performance, perfectly solving the connecting problems of IoT end applications in different scenarios, and facilitating NB-IoT products' application in the IoT field.


N700-CN launched by Fibocom is the smallest NB-IoT Module in the industry, with only 16*18*2.1mm in size, saving more than 40% board areas. This module is packaged by using LCC, and the wrapped interface accords with CCSA standard definition, offering our clients stable and reliable connection.


Fibocom N700-CN is designed for domestic IoT market. It is developed based on Sanechips Technology's RoseFinch7100 chips, supporting Band 8 and Band 5, China Mobile OneNET protocol, the built-in TCP/UDP protocol stack,  the low power mode of eDRX and PSM (PSM's current consumption in sleep mode can be as low as 2uA), and 2.5V to 4.5V wide voltage. As the NB-IoT module with lowest power consumption in the industry, it is especially suitable for the IoT industries that regard ultra-low power consumption as their core requirement such as smart metering, smart parking, smart home and street lamp.


As the leading company in wireless communication module field, Fibocom is always at the forefront of NB-IoT field. In March 2017, Fibocom partnered with China Mobile, Intel and Ericsson to successfully finish the world's first air interface presentation that "based on NB-IoT internet factory" in 2017 MWC; In May 2017, Fibocom officially joined China Unicom NB-IoT terminal industry alliance, promoting the application of NB-IoT together.

In June 2017, by using its industry-leading NB-IoT Module, Fibocom assisted Midea to develop NB-IoT strategic cooperation with GMCC. The NB-IoT products were also used in several Midea's smart home appliances.


The official launch of NB-IoT Module N700-CN by Fibocom this time has further perfected and enriched Fibocom's product system, promoting more applications of NB-IoT end products, and speeding up the distribution of IoT ecological circle by the leading products with NB-IoT technique.