GPRS+GPS Solutions

With the gradual maturing of GPRS and GPS technologies, solutions featuring their combination are widely used in asset tracking, car security, personal tracking, and other fields to prevent theft of valuable assets and personal safety. In the field of asset tracking, when the tracked objects move unusually outside the specified range, the tracker will send alarms to the monitoring center or designated phone number to alert the asset owners that asset is stolen. In the areas of personal tracking and monitoring, families can locate the positions of the elderly or children in real-time, and if they get lost, can promptly find them via GPS or GPRS technologies.

Support GPS positioning technology and GPRS LBS commands

Make combinations in accordance with the positioning accuracy to achieve the best allocation of costs

OpenCPU technology

Can transmit location information via SMS or GPRS

GPS chip with high precision

Can realize built-in GSM and GPS antenna design

Can realize vibration alarm function with the built-in accelerometer sensors

Tri-color LED display can provide access to the working state of the terminal at any time

Can expand the integrated third-party inertial navigation technology