OBD Solutions

OBD solution integrates the OBD module and GPRS module, allowing customers to quickly create an end product by adding hardware and structural and application software. Typical applications include: when the vehicle is connected to an end product, the OBD module will read the related data of the vehicle in real time while monitoring the fault data which can be uploaded to the cloud via the GPRS module, and after the analysis of cloud data and application processing (usually about the behavior analysis of owners driving and vehicle breakdown warning) the result will be immediately returned to the website orthevehicle owner.

Automatically identify and support the diagnostic protocol of vehicle

Support the bus of CAN_LINE / K _LINE/J1850

OpenCPU development technique

Car regulations design and EMC design

Suitable for long-term continuous operation with strong anti-interference ability

Low-power dissipation

Support data lines upgrading program and upgrading over the air

Industrial temperature range of -40~+85

Humidity of working condition: 0 ~ 95%,without condensing

Use 50 ohm antenna polarized PiFA built-in antenna

GPRS: Class10, TCP, UDP