Excellent Performance


All FIBOCOM modules come from top quality factory production lines and are carefully selected from more than 500 test projects. At the same time, CPK calculation is carried out on each test data set, and CPK>1.33 is the strict factory quality standard that we have formulated. Every module leaving the factory is guaranteed for consistent quality.


FIBOCOM modules have all passed through strict ALT tests at the design stage, and the ALT test contents include high temperature and high humidity, vibration, thermal shock, etc. With 7 rounds of 88 hour testing the quality of our product is ensured.

Wider temperature range

FIBOCOM modules choose components with superior performance at the design stage as much as possible to ensure that products show excellent performance even in the most difficult and demanding environments.

Rapid data connection

In order to meet the financial industryí»s requirements for fast response speed, FIBOCOM modules use a series of optimization operations to shorten the time and power needed for each step of communication from power-on to data sending and receiving. This rapid response time is necessary for successful trading.

Interference detection

On occasion mobile units utilizing wireless communication modules can experience interference that is of the same frequency that the module is using. In some cases criminals can take advantage of this situation for theft. With the interference detection function, FIBOCOM modules can use a series of algorithms to make judgment calls on detected same frequency interference, and then output those judgment results to the application processor of the device, allowing the processor to initiate an appropriate operation based on the situation.

SIM card hot plug

In order to simplify the SIM cardí»s signal coordination, FIBOCOM modules support the SIM card hot plug feature. When the SIM card is plugged in it can quickly send a control signal to the module to startup or stop operation. This feature avoids the card burn phenomenon caused by how swapping SIM cards.

--Customers plugging the card in with power do not need to power on again, the SIM card can be identified and the network can be registered.

--Damage caused by poor contact in the practical application of the SIM card can be optimized.

--SIM card and its interface can be protected.

--Users can exchange SIM cards and inspect conveniently.

--Times of power-on and power-off can be reduced so that the service life of the module can be prolonged.