SiRFLive evaluation software provides a powerful platform which can be used for
the evaluation, configuration, testing, and real-time performance visualization of the FIBOCOM GPS module product. SiRFLive is the ideal assessment tool for whole system integration with its unique flexibility.


Function characteristics as follows

Supports the binary protocol of NMEA and OSP

Equipped with A-GPS client functions

Abundant GPS configuration and control functions

Structured and visualized data and graphics

GPS Satellites in View (GSV)

Navigation View

Compass, speedometer, clock, altimeter

Data record and storage functions

Configuration and management

SiRFLive evaluation software provides a convenient means for configuration of the FIBOCOM GPS module, display and analysis of GPS satellite signals, saving configuration settings, and restoring factory settings. Users can manage the settings through SiRFLive toolbar, such as enforcing cold startup, warm startup, or hot startup.



Interactive and easy to use

A wide range of GPS configuration and control functions

Support all FIBOCOM GPS modules

Can access all control functions and output messages

Can make performance comparison analysis to the GPS module of NMEA output messages