Wireless medical services provide safer life support for patients

Wireless medical services can provide reassuring and reliable support services for families and patients of prolonged illness. Through wireless communication and multimedia technology, accurate electronic data of patients can be obtained in time. Doctors and service centers are able to provide guidance and rescue services in time, thus solving the problems of data cost, administrative management and long waiting times. When an emergency happens to the patients, the rescue center can also provide rescue or on-location voice rescue guidance to save people¡¯s lives. The extremely stable function of FIBOCOM 2G/3G module is well suited for all kinds of mobile medical equipment. When patients are in need of emergency rescues, the module connects to the network quickly (in less than three seconds), providing maximum assurance for patients.

As governments, medical facilities and insurance companies are seeking ways to control the health care costs, wireless data communication enable health care to find new solutions for the high cost. Mobile and remote applications can connect patients and professional health care staffs seamlessly to enhance preventive care, and ensure to comply with the prescribed treatment and improve the quality of care ultimately. Safe and reliable wireless communication is the key to the wireless medical solutions, not only to deal with confidential information of patients, but also access to customers¡¯ data in real-time. From remote monitoring devices, telemedicine infrastructure and equipment to a large number of wireless service terminal, a successful terminal to terminal wireless medical solutions will help to improve the efficiency of patient care and share important medical information of patients.


Market outlook for Healthcare

In accordance with the report ¡ª "mHealth and Home Monitoring - 5th Edition issued by Berg Insight AB " it shows that home monitoring is considered as one of the traditional health supplement now, patients who are currently planning to use mobile health treatment in U.S. and Europe are more than 200 million .

In the healthcare industry, based on the effective use of information and communication technologies, effective utilization which can reduce costs and provide more efficient health treatment is still low. In recent years, with the slow penetration of wireless technology, Berg Insight Company predicts that the patients now who use home monitoring system in 2012 are about 2.8 million in the world; the annual compound growth rate will be increased to 26.9% in the future, in 2017, the number will be expanded to 9.4 million. 


Application features of Healthcare: 

Healthcare is changing significantly in two ways.

•   From patient beds with low-tech to magnetic resonance (MRI) test equipment with high-tech, the performance of traditional medical equipment is being improved constantly. Like all kinds of industrial applications, these improvements benefit from a double win effect of wireless technologies; it promotes continuous improvement of the medical devices in the price, performance, power consumption, size and more.

•   Wireless medical technology has redefined the healthcare industry essentially; it promotes and simplifies the health care industry from hospital or outpatient medical approach towards providing medical services anywhere and anytime with cloud-technology. In the new era of health care, hospitals, clinics and medical experts will continuously be providers of advanced diagnostic and surgical technology, while professional health care staffs in community will assume more daily management responsibility for personal health, and monitor and nurse the patients with a large number of consumer healthcare products.


The business demand of wireless medical treatment

•   The Stability and persistence of functions of terminal communication will affect the quality and effectiveness of telemedicine services directly.

•   Low-power technology ensures a longer time use for medical devices

•   Compact, portable and highly integrated wireless medical devices


The advantages of FIBOCOM products

Fibocom has 14 years¡¯ professional experience in the field of industry applications and wireless technologies; we have many experts with senior technical background in communications and monitoring industry and Joint Laboratory of the world's leading communications companies. Our extensive wireless communications products line and hardware and software support can meet the demand of various industries and help our customers deal with all the challenges on which the complex telemedicine communication faces. Embedded wireless module and a good product management simplify the installation process and are suitable for high-volume applications (even in remote areas). FIBOCOM complete solutions will provide customers with: 

• FIBOCOM wireless module can transmit stable and reliable data with low power, and help customers build compact and lightweight solutions and reduce overall costs.
• Fibocom provides a variety of packages and multiple applications modules compatibly, it will help customers to expand market capacity and reduce costs.
• Access to the market quickly by proceeding product certification in advance 


Fibocom provides safe, continuous online and real-time wireless connection to provide a stable and reliable continuous data transfer for telemedicine solution providers. The power consumption of FIBOCOM¡¯s full range of wireless communication module is low. Our healthcare solutions are widely implied in emergency medical services and emergency relief center.


Terminal to terminal solution

FIBOCOM module is simply integrated, with high stability and reliability, it can be designed compatible with multiple air interfaces, and Fibocom can help your solutions access to the market by its proven cellular technology:

• FIBOCOM¡¯s certification is complete; it has experience of the global communications certification

• Low power consumption and long battery life

• Compact and light weight module with excellent reliability

• With perfect life-cycle management platform


Simplify integration and application

A keen ability to capture the market can create tremendous value for our customers, FIBOCOM understands the customers¡¯ demand and industry trends deeply, help customers to customize new features and services according to their demand, designs easy integrated solutions quickly. Meanwhile, the installation and maintenance is pretty easy, enabling customers¡¯ products access to the market more quickly. Opened operating system provides advanced security features for free such as encryption, SSL, firewall, MAC address filtering and interference detection.


Quick responsive technical team

We provide customers with remote and on-site technical support services, our technical support staffs standby any time to provide support via telephone, email, or visiting customers. When customers meet a problem, we can guarantee to help customers to find and solve problems within 24 hours and provide users with the fastest and best service to maximize the customer¡¯s demand and satisfaction.


Successful partner

Fibocom help customers to reduce risks and costs of development and maintenance and ensure customers¡¯ satisfaction, providing customers with a reliable, low cost and easy to be maintained solutions through a systematic approach. We will continue to be involved into the various fields of Healthcare to provide customers with professional, fast and convenient service to achieve the perfect wireless connection.

 Rich solutions • Provide extensive product line options, including 2G GSM/GPRS, 3G HSDPA/HSPA+, GPS, OBD, WIFI / BT and more products
• Provide integrated module solutions for customers to save CPU costs

 Safe and stable data transfer • Provide a stable build-in protocol stack to meet a variety of network parameter settings and status reporting
• Provide rich security features, SSL / firewall / interference detection / fault tolerance.
• Supports firewall and provide secure data transfer channel.
• Support for hot-switch of SIM card , provide targeted SIM card protection mechanisms to reduce the burn card and swap cards phenomenon in abnormal scenarios
• have passed the strictest online tests in the financial payment industry: in the process of the seven-day test, the online rate reached 99.9%, and the stability product is ensured.

Tobe importedEasily and quickly with highcost performance • Provides the smallest 2G/3G wireless modules in this industry , the compact size of product design can meet various industrial application scenarios
• Provide integrated module solutions for customers to save CPU costs
•Provide a variety of interface package modules, such as B2B/LCC/LGA/mini PCIe; it will be easy for customers to import them into production quickly.
• Provide FOTA over the air and FOAT upgrade capabilities to enable customers¡¯ deployment, and reduce customers¡¯ maintenance costs.
• Provide rich and perfect technical support documents and rapid  technical support response to help customers complete the design import  quickly and shorten the time to market period of new products

 Product Quality Assurance • Extremely wide operating temperature design , supported temperature range is from -40 ¡æ to +85 ¡æ, with temperature compensation mechanism to ensure  stable performance in a tough environment .
• Mean time between failures (MTBF) is up to 250,000 hours.
• Meet the requirements of high-standard ESD , the contact discharge is up to ¡À 8kV
• Strict production line management has passed 500 items professional production test.
• Rigorous ALT test ensures the normal and stable work of products in the complex environment of high temperature, high humidity, vibration, temperature shock, etc. 

 Support various operating system • Support Android / WinCE / Linux
• Supports serial MUX
• Provide RIL and drive under Android
• Provide drive under WinCE
• Provides standard AT command set

 Rich application function demand  • Basic
Call / SMS / phone book management
Build-in TCPIP protocol stack
hardware resource control like GPIO / ADC
MUX support

 Comprehensive certification guarantee

• Certification in China area:  ROHS¡¢SRRC¡¢3C¡¢network access license
• Compulsory Certification in Europe / USA / Brazil : CE, FCC, Anatel
• Extended certification in the world:  GCF¡¢PTCRB
• Certification in Australia and Russia:  A-TICK¡¢Telepermit¡¢GOSTANDARDS
• Provide technical support to help customers to obtain industry-certified end products