Continuous development of science and technology meets people¡¯s gradually strengthened risk awareness, people can monitor the environment and activity, prevent and reduce the incidence of impediments effectively, while help to reduce the cost of public safety. More and more cost-effective security solutions can help people to protect their property and to ensure the safety of office, airport or port. Compared with the distant, expensive and difficult to access features, cellular radio provides safe, fast and flexible solutions, advanced equipment can sense in real-time and feedback timely with the help of reliable transfer of data communication.


Trends of security technology development (application features) are mainly as follows:

•    digital, networked, intelligent and integrated is the direction of development ;
•    Establish a complete security technology innovation system ;
•    Develop 4C technology ( Communication / Computer / Control / computer multimedia display technology ) , 5A intelligent building systems and ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems ;
•    Network technology and a variety of security technologies will be researched and developed integrated ;
•    Create and improve each comprehensive level of security service network.
•    Social security dynamic monitoring system, city early warning system and construction of safe city are the new opportunity for domestic security industry.


Business demand 

•    There are a lot number of monitoring points but they are scattered ;
•    The networked construction makes the network video transfer economically and feasibly ;
•    The demand of massive data transfer and storage ;
•    The significance of equipment Management is even stronger than image monitoring itself ; managers mobility is enhanced 
•    The cost of construction and wiring is expensive , a simplified cabling which is used to reduce investment is required 
•    Concerning about the information security generally and clearing the risk of privacy disclosure.


The advantages of FIBOCOM products 

Fibocom provides GSM / GPRS, UMTS / HSPA + wireless communication modules, software and hardware manuals and a variety of development tools to support customers¡¯ demand for wireless security devices. The life of FIBOCOM module is long, the built-in security protocol stack, with low-power and easy to be integrated , can provide customers with a secure and stable data transfer , their remote configuration and management simplifies the installation process , reducing overall costs. FIBOCOM security solutions can help you: 

•    Mature wireless technologies will minimize the cost and risk of the product.
•    FIBOCOM modules can be integrated into existing systems smoothly, then the development effort will be reduced and rapid, large-scale deployment will be achieved.
•    It can be integrated easily in a complete open development environment, responding to customers¡¯ demand rapidly, providing secure and stable data transfer and speeding up the customer product. 

Generalize M2M technology for use by rescue workers and the prevention of natural disasters to save lives

With the deterioration of global climate and environment, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and mudslides are becoming more and more frequent, and lead to considerable casualties and loss of property. The rapid development of the wireless internet 2G/3G has provided favorable solutions for the early warning of natural disasters. The wireless warning system for natural disasters obtains weather, rainfall, land surface changes, geomagnetism, geoelectricity, gravity and underground water level data for analysis from the database of the prevention office and makes use of the wireless terminals for the measurement and monitoring of the information on the spot. The system will give alarms to the monitoring centers by calling or sending messages when disaster levels is reached. Especially when there is an earthquake, the alarm system can send out an alert for an event at least 15 seconds faster than otherwise possible, giving rescue workers more time to save lives. Through stable function and high-speed connection, FIBOCOM 2G/3G modules still remain an optimal choice even in a severe disaster environment and provide reliable services for the people affected by disasters.

Providing automobile industrial grade module 

Fibocom provides automobile industrial grade wireless communicating module for Telematics industry, at the same time, our technical experts will help the customers and partners solve the technical issues in pre-developing and developing process. We use systematic approach to manage and control the quality of products strictly in the whole life circle of product which includes product designing, developing, detecting and producing. All the products of FIBOCOM meet the ISO/TS 16949 standard and the quality requirements of industrial grade application by selecting always superior suppliers.


Terminal to terminal solution

From embedded modules, hardware and software manuals, development tools to technical support, Fibocom marketing network all over the world will provide you with professional terminal to terminal solutions based on M2M wireless technology. Fibocom provides a simple -to-use development kit to customers and provides on-site technical support, remote technical services, and reference designs of application and integrated solutions to help customers shorten development cycles and improve stability of product.


Quick responsive technical team

We provide customers with remote and on-site technical support services, our technical support staffs standby any time to provide support via telephone, email, or visiting customers. When customers meet a problem, we can guarantee to help customers to find and solve problems within 24 hours and provide users with the fastest and best service to maximize the customer¡¯s demand and satisfaction.



Whether your product is installed on the side of a road or moving vehicles, the reliability and long life of product is guaranteed, and continuous network connection is crucial for public safety. FIBOCOM module can bear extreme temperature (difference) , humidity, and vibration . 


Successful partner

Fibocom help customers to reduce risks and costs of development and maintenance and ensure customers¡¯ satisfaction, providing customers with a reliable, low cost and easy to be maintained solutions through a systematic approach. We will continue to be involved into the various fields of Security to provide customers with professional, fast and convenient service to achieve the perfect wireless connection.

 Overall positioning technology • Provide high receiving sensitivity , low power ,  positioning GPS module , which supports UART and SPI interfaces ;
• Provide LBS solutions that support the positioning for the base station without GPS signal conditions
• Provide integrated GPRS + GPS positioning tracking solutions

 Rich solutions • Provide extensive product line options, including 2G GSM/GPRS, 3G HSDPA/HSPA+, GPS, OBD, WIFI / BT and more products
• Provide integrated module solutions for customers to save CPU costs

 Safe and stable data transfer • Provide a stable build-in protocol stack to meet a variety of network parameter settings and status reporting
• Provide rich security features, SSL / firewall / interference detection / fault tolerance.
• Supports firewall and provide secure data transfer channel.
• Support for hot-switch of SIM card , provide targeted SIM card protection mechanisms to reduce the burn card and swap cards phenomenon in abnormal scenarios
• have passed the strictest online tests in the financial payment industry: in the process of the seven-day test, the online rate reached 99.9%, and the stability product is ensured.

Tobe importedEasily and quickly with highcost performance • Provides the smallest 2G/3G wireless modules in this industry , the compact size of product design can meet various industrial application scenarios
• Provide integrated module solutions for customers to save CPU costs
•Provide a variety of interface package modules, such as B2B/LCC/LGA/mini PCIe; it will be easy for customers to import them into production quickly.
• Provide FOTA over the air and FOAT upgrade capabilities to enable customers¡¯ deployment, and reduce customers¡¯ maintenance costs.
• Provide rich and perfect technical support documents and rapid  technical support response to help customers complete the design import  quickly and shorten the time to market period of new products

 Product Quality Assurance • Extremely wide operating temperature design , supported temperature range is from -40 ¡æ to +85 ¡æ, with temperature compensation mechanism to ensure  stable performance in a tough environment .
• Mean time between failures (MTBF) is up to 250,000 hours.
• Meet the requirements of high-standard ESD , the contact discharge is up to ¡À 8kV
• Strict production line management has passed 500 items professional production test.
• Rigorous ALT test ensures the normal and stable work of products in the complex environment of high temperature, high humidity, vibration, temperature shock, etc. 

 Support various operating system • Support Android / WinCE / Linux
• Supports serial MUX
• Provide RIL and drive under Android
• Provide drive under WinCE
• Provides standard AT command set

 Rich application function demand  • Basic
Call / SMS / phone book management
Build-in TCPIP protocol stack
hardware resource control like GPIO / ADC
MUX support


 certification guarantee

• Certification in China area:  ROHS¡¢SRRC¡¢3C¡¢network access license
• Compulsory Certification in Europe / USA / Brazil : CE, FCC, Anatel
• Extended certification in the world:  GCF¡¢PTCRB
• Certification in Australia and Russia:  A-TICK¡¢Telepermit¡¢GOSTANDARDS
• Provide technical support to help customers to obtain industry-certified end products