M2M Industry
The core technology for M2M world

The continuous development and innovation of M2M technology pushes the changes everywhere. The Internet of Things supports our future needs by measuring analyzing and optimizing processes in our daily business or life while improving utilization of valuable resources. Experience some of our M2M use cases. It is the core technology of Smart City establishment.

The applications in M2M industry have increased dramatically because of the rise of mobile life. With 14-year experiences in M2M industry and the powerfull R&D capacity, Fibocom Wireless always focuses on the customers'needs to enchance our capacity in research and innovation.FIBOCOM modules are well accepted by our customers in Telematics,Smart Grid, Wireless Payment and Security and many other fields.Plus, Fibocom has released some wireless solutions in these fields,which help our customers shorten the cycle of research and take up the marketing leading positions.