Excellent performance for wireless perfect solutions

  • Digital Audio

    FIBOCOM module supports both analog audio and digital audio. On the hardware level both an analog audio channel (typically supporting two-way input and output) and a digital audio channel (PCM or I2S) are available. On the software level AT commands can be used to set the analog audio channels to the digital audio interface. When the digital audio interface is in use the corresponding audio codec chip will be used as needed to manage input/output data.

  • Record

    FIBOCOM module supports the record function. Using this function, users can make voice records or record the call audio from both sides during calls. The recorded data will be processed digitally and use voice compression to achieve efficient data storage backup. At the same time, it can also only record voice received by MIC, and the digitization or compression processing mechanism is the same.

  • LBS commands

    As the current mainstream positioning technology, GPS is widely used in navigation, monitoring and other fields. Although GPS has a high positioning accuracy, there are also major weaknesses: indoor positioning cannot be resolved, and its positioning accuracy is affected by environment and weather. LBS commands solves the problems of positioning needed in these cases.

    LBS commands of FIBOCOM modules obtains the longitude and latitude information of the current position of the communication module through base station information of wireless network operators in the neighborhood as well as the network base station information database provided by the third party.

  • Cell Lock

    Cell Lock means the communication modules are banned to switch among different neighborhoods. When you enable this feature, FIBOCOM modules will guarantee to reside in the current frequeny neighborhood regardless of the signals of ambient neighborhoods, until it receives the unlocking instructions. The functional features are as follows:

  • Remote SIM card

    Generally, the wireless module must connect to the (U) SIM card in operation. When the FIBOCOM module can support operation of the communication module, the (U) SIM card is not required to be connected directly to the module product and it can work on other devices or even in different locations.

    The critical (U) SIM information can be sent to the communication module in the form of command or data through the serial or USB port. Based on this input data, modules interact with the mobile communication network to achieve the same business applications.


  • DTMF

    Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is used for telecommunication signaling in the voice-frequencyband between communications devices. The DTMF signal is composed by the dialing signal of an audio telephone. Each number is formed by two audio signals which are formed by the frequency corresponding to the row and column of the button. General communication modules support the DTMF sending function. When the user receives DTMF signals, the receiver needs to use an external DTMF decoder chip to detect the DTMF code .FIBOCOM modules are not only embedded with complete DTMF transmission functions, but can also achieve DTMF decoder functionality through a set of software algorithms. It can detect the received DTMF values without any external circuit and report the values via the communication port.

  • eCall

    The eCall system is specially designed by EU to reduce the rescue response time in traffic accidents in Europe. When an accident happens, it issues an automatic emergency call, which contains the critical incident data, such as the exact accident location and the time of occurrence, etc.

    With the upcoming deployment of eCall,the car-mounted terminalis entering the home stretch.Choosing the right components has a decisive influence on the time to marketof aproduct. Some important factors that need to be considered are:the ability of suppliers to provide necessary expertise andcapacity, comprehensive software support,wireless communication module certification, compatibility with future technologies and delivery oflarge quantities of high-quality car-mounted grade components for the design of GPS/GLONASSandGSM/UMTS subsystem.Fibocom can provide wireless andGPS/GLONASSreceivercomponents which can be used in the eCall system and comply with these standards.

  • FOTA

    An industrial grade M2M wireless communications product is often used in unattended environments and has a long service life. In this scenario the product needs to be upgraded to add functions or perform optimization. However, the method of localization and upgrading can result in high maintenance costs. Using FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), the user can upgrade the module software remotely through the network without going to the site. Through application of the FOTA function, maintenance costs of the final products can be greatly reduced.